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Cashier Engagement

Voice conversations with customers are the new fuel that help convenience stores drive growth. retail voice analytics cashier customer conversation interaction technology illustration

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Convenience Store Transactions Per Day in the U.S.

Cashier interactions represent the biggest untapped resource for C-store growth.


Turn Customer Visits Into Profit-Driving Insights

Conversational analytics at point-of-sale unlock opportunities to increase revenues by elevating the awareness of each cashier’s performance against key metrics that lead to increased basket size.

Voice conversations between front-line employees and shoppers surface potential negatively impacting incidents, that help the loss prevention team to get out front and reduce costs.

Capture the authentic customer experience expressed by guests

Measure, reward, and retain your top performing employees

View and compare the performance of your stores


Early identification of potential compliance and risk issues

Unlock New Insights to Fuel Growth

Extract insights from cashier and customer conversations across a variety of crucial performance metrics. 

Discover best practices from top performers that can be used to train and uplift other staff. 

The suite of voice analytics services reveals untapped potential for revenue growth and cost reduction.

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Track Interactions 

With, brands and retailers can measure insights that are only available through customer conversational analytics. 

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Category Insights
  • Cashier Engagement
  • Promotion Performance


Track Store Performance

Compare a store’s performance metrics based on what’s spoken at the point of sale. Leverage AI to identify the behavior of top-performing stores to train and elevate other stores.

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