InStore.ai is an innovative technology company revolutionizing the retail sector through the power of artificial intelligence.

By leveraging the power of natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced data analytics, InStore.ai has unlocked new dimensions of customer interaction analysis, helping businesses effectively understand and respond to their operational and customer needs.

Under the leadership of a dynamic and forward-thinking executive team, InStore.ai is consistently pushing the boundaries of retail technology, paving the way for a future where stores can harness the full power of AI to drive growth and operational efficiency. Learn more about our revolutionary technology here.

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jay blazensky co founder

Jay Blazensky

CEO & Founder

jay blazensky co founder

Marc Della Torre

COO & Founder

Founders Jay Blazensky and Marc Della Torre founded InStore.ai in 2022 after identifying an opportunity revolutionize countertop retail industry with enterprise-grade insights and the power of AI.

With a combined 30+ years in communications and analytics technology space, Jay and Marc are bringing their extensive experience to retailers to provide game-changing technology at one of the most critical points of customer action at the point of sale.

“Our mission is to optimize the in store experience through proprietary technological applications and AI that improve overall business effectiveness, customer experience, and workforce engagement.”

-InStore.ai Founders


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