Voice Analytics at POS for Countertop Retailers

Advanced edge technology combines a rich new dataset and Gen AI to deliver insights and answers. 

instore ai voice analytics technology for convenience stores graphic of a desk with ai neural cloud above

Global IoT Provisioning & Management Platform

The InStore.ai voice analytics solution for countertop retailers includes our global IoT provisioning and management platform.

Remote monitoring and updating of our edge processing ensures that each device is always running our most up-to-date software. Performance improvements and new features can seamlessly be added automatically or with a simple click.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Cashier scorecards and gamification gives chains the tools they need to impact performance

VIDEO: Real World Example Above

One Solution  |  Multiple Winners

  • Cashiers earn points and win prizes
  • Stores increase retention and basket size
  • Customers have a better experience
  • Brands get mentions and impressions

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