How Spoken Insights at POS Will Impact Your C-Store World

Actionable Insights drive growth as stores, cashiers, customers and brands all benefit.

Promotion Mentions and Upsell Attempts

Retailers focus on increasing basket size to raise the average purchase. tracks how often cashiers attempt to upsell customers, and identifies the most effective language that can be used in future training.

c-store incident tracking automation

Retrain and Retain

Frontline staff often lack adequate training, resulting in frustration and high turnover rates. identifies those needing extra training, providing tailored, real-life ‘click-and-listen’ examples from top performing employees. 

Automated and Unbiased Cashier Assessment

HR Managers now have the tools to accurately assess cashier performance. This helps to recognize, reward and retain top performers, while ensuring that underperformers get the additional training they need.

category insights from point of sale

Capture Insights
at Self-Checkout

Capturing what is said when assistance is needed at self checkout is essential in identifying and prioritizing issues. This data is not discoverable by examining TLOGs.

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