How Spoken Insights at POS Will Impact Your C-Store World

Actionable Insights drive growth as stores, cashiers, customers and brands all benefit.

Promotion Effectiveness Understood

Voice analytics at Point of Sale (POS) answers critical questions.

Now, for the first time, you can understand what actually happened when a product was purchased during a promotion.

c-store incident tracking automation

Quickly Track and Respond to Store Incidents

Optimizing customer experience starts with awareness.

Customers make comments to cashiers everyday that are indicators about store experience. Some are more serious than others. allows you to see trendlines and sort across all your stores for the most important feedback so that your Loss Prevention team can quickly react to what is happening.

Automated and Unbiased Cashier Assessment

HR Managers now have the tools to accurately assess cashier performance. This helps to recognize, reward and retain top performers, while ensuring that underperformers get the additional training they need.

category insights from point of sale

Insights for Category Managers

Every company, large or small, wants impressions of their brand, especially to targeted buyers of their product category.

Equally as important, they want to know what customers are saying about brands in their category. and the retailers we partner with can help with both goals. 

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